Maybe Time To Take A Break From Poker?

In any online game, persistently playing for long hours does not necessarily give the best results. However, there are many players who are determined to go all the way. But why ?

In this article, we want to try to make you realize that taking a break is very often beneficial in order to avoid a series of unpleasant surprises that can harm you morally. And there are different ways to do this break, the benefits of which are enormous! Here, three main principles, judged in order of importance are mentioned, not to dissuade you from playing but intended to watch over you

Principle # 1: Take care of your brain!

On the one hand, taking a break allows you to refresh your brain because very often, by dint of playing, you no longer have clear ideas. You do not understand why you fail at such a time or so easily and if you do not get your head out of the water, it quickly becomes complicated to understand the situation. So you have to get away from the game to have THIS critical look at your decisions and be able to draw conclusions from them. Stop stubbornly wanting to wait for the next game to get your revenge. This strategy does not work in any case and especially not over time. Experiments have shown that relentlessness is not a source of success.

Principle # 2: Keep your family and friends network!

In addition, taking this break between your games will allow you to preserve yourself socially. It is very easy to isolate yourself from your family and friends when you are a fan of online games. However, in your place, it would be more prudent to be wary of this danger. The hours pass and you no longer have time to devote to your family or friends; this connection is broken and you no longer have anyone to share free time with. However, it is precisely this free time that would do you good when you lose track of things. It would allow you to release the stress that you have accumulated during your poker games and to come back in force in the game with a moral of steel!

Principle # 3: Protect yourself financially!

Finally, taking a break is not only associated with human results but also financial. Chaining several losing sessions is often synonymous with heavy losses and it is difficult to come out “alive” (without financial consequences at least we hear).

It is the principle of the vicious circle that pushes players to catch up with their winnings as their funds gradually run out. Unfortunately, the ego takes away most of the players a lot and it is quite difficult for them to put an end to this phenomenon. One of the keys to combating this behavior would be based on trust in them which requires a very long work of psychology but also very beneficial for those concerned.

Why slot machines are full of fruit?

You have probably wondered why the famous roller of the slot machines presented you only with fruits? Well today we have decided to unravel this mystery with you! Yes yes, let’s go!

But where do these delicious symbols come from?

Years far back, these machines were majestically deployed in snackbars, bars, fast-foods of all kinds, but now it is on the web that they bring happiness to online enthusiasts. At any online casino, you can access an unlimited number of these kinds of slot machines. But why the fruits?

In fact, if you ever remember its history, its inventor, Charles Frey had the idea of ​​drawing on the reels of his famous machine any type of object as a symbol of the game: bell, horseshoe, tile , stings, heart, and so on…

But from the 1910s, American regulations entered the gaming sector by deciding to ban games of chance. As you can imagine, slot machines, governed mainly by chance, could not escape the rule. To get around this legal obstacle, a little genius had the brilliant idea of ​​transforming these slot machines into chewing gum dispensing machines! This is where these fruity symbols finally land: the new rollers diffuse the different fruity flavors of chewing gum possible to win in these candy machines. Now everything makes sense in this unique story of fruity candies!

From now on, even if the legislation has become more flexible concerning slot machines, these original symbols have remained preserved by tradition but not only …

The behavior of the players showed the operators that the colored fruits powerfully control their emotions. And this phenomenon of influence even exceeds the game since the flamboyant colors would seem to put the players in a good mood and give them a real boost. But beware, this hypothesis goes even beyond sight and would also concern touch. These thirst-quenching fruits would have an unconscious impact on the sense of taste. So it’s not for nothing if you tend to come across juicy and sun-drenched fruit symbols to encourage you to press the famous “spin” button!

Now you now know why slot machines never tire players. Although quite old-fashioned (as the former “compatriots” would say), the theme of fruit remains timeless and always attractive for lovers of Gambling. The power of color is overwhelming and slot machine publishers know how to make the machine work

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